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York Animation has international business which produces and distributes family entertainment products for television, with a core business of production and distribution of animated cartoon series, following production and distribution of Licensing & Merchandising and the mobile game.

York Animation has huge international experience of animation business thanks also for co-production and cooperation with companies from: Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Brazil, and US. We are now producing and co-producing the animated TV series as follows: Invention Story, Adventures in Duckport, Nori-Roller Coaster Boy, Yoohoo & Friends, Die Quipse, Robot Trains, Partidei, Tamas & Rajas and Little Bean.

With the main philosophy that “Via Animation, fill the kids’ heart with Joy, Family with Love”, York Animation is proud to be an excellent animation content maker doing always its best to provide top quality for the pleasure of kids and families worldwide.

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