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Nori-Roller Coaster Boy

Nori-the Roller Coaster Boy

Format: 52×11’ Full HD CGI
Genre: Fantasy Adventure Family Drama
Target: 5-10 & Family

A young and brave Roller Coaster boy, Nori lives in a fancy and amazing amusement park, Nori Park.

Through his growing up story, we learn about the friendship and family affection. Then we can look back on our real life.

A timid and trepid boy, Nori lives in Nori Park that has a long and glamorous history. Nori wants to be a racing star and a hero like his Dad, Dragon Rider who runs fast and looks great on the roller coaster track. One day, villain Vega appears and tries to ruin the Nori Park in order to revive his own park, Vega Land. At last, he gets rid of Dragon Rider and also sends Nori away. Nori has a narrow escape and fights against Vega with his friends’ help, Jinny and circus friends.

Can Nori defeat the ruler of darkness, Vega and save Nori Park?

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